Zombie bunker

escape room

you vs. zombies

zombie escape room 4
zombie escape room 3

can you

find the cure?

everyone is counting on you

The Rabies virus is mutating and turning people into blood-thirsty zombies. Find a vaccine and stop the mutated virus from turning people into zombies! Help humanity!

Difficulty: hard

If you want a challenging escape room, this one is for you and your team! This is one of our hardest rooms, so make sure your team is ready!

Time Limit: 60 mins.

You're team will only have 1 hour for this adventure. Will it be enough time?

Players: 2-10

This room can fit a big team, but can still be escaped by a couple with experience.

make a tiktok!

This game captures a unique moment with your team by creating a TikTok. Learn more!

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