Ocean Heist Escape Room

The Return (Part 1)
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Venture onto the enigmatic cargo ship SS Armand on a mission that echoes with a cry from the past! 


You are a part of the Special Mission Artifact Retrieval Team, tasked with an urgent mission. You’re to infiltrate the covert office of an infamous art smuggler and retrieve the Whispering Thorn, a sacred artifact stolen from the Umbatu tribe. This prized relic holds the key to the tribe’s survival and restoring its vanishing life force. 


This stealthy journey will test your wits and determination as you traverse the thief’s complex lair, tackle cunning puzzles, and secure the artifact. Can you reclaim the Whispering Thorn and set the stage for the tribe’s revival? Embrace the thrill of the heist and stand in the gap for the Umbatu tribe, restoring hope and vitality to their story!

Quick Details


Ocean Heist Room Houston

The Return:
ocean heist

Immerse yourself in an escape room experience that intertwines puzzle-solving with a deeply woven cultural narrative. Feel the essence of a forgotten civilization and strive to restore its honor.


Difficulty: HARD

If you want a challenging escape room, this one is for you and your team!

Time Limit: 60 mins.

This room is extra challenging, so you'll have a little more time, but will it be enough?

Players: 2-6

This room is great for small experienced teams. If you have a bigger team try Hotel Secrets or Zombie Bunker

Private game

Experience our escape rooms in a private, exclusive setting at no extra cost. Play safely with just your own group and enjoy the ultimate escape room adventure.

Ocean Heist Puzzle

Already a Hero? The Journey Isn't Over Yet

Already embarked on the thrilling journey of ‘The Return: Ocean Heist’ and successfully retrieved the ‘Whispering Thorn’? Don’t stop there! The tribe’s destiny is yet to be fulfilled. Take the next step in this exhilarating adventure by clicking on ‘The Return: Tribal Rites’. Dive into the rituals and customs of the Umbatu tribe as you prepare for the sacred Ceremony of Return. Remember, the tribe’s future is in your hands. Let’s complete this mission together.


Frequently Asked Questions about
The Return 2-in-1 Escape Game

A 2-in-1 escape room allows you to play two related games either individually or back-to-back, offering different experiences and challenges.

Yes, you can play “The Return: Ocean Heist” and “The Return: Tribal Rites” individually or combine them for a 90-minute game called “The Return: Tides and Tribes”.

The price for The Return: Ocean Heist and The Return: Tribal Rites is $33 per player.  Since The Return: Tides and Tribes is a longer game, it is $37 per player. Join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram to get exclusive discounts!

No, each part is a complete experience, but playing both provides a more immersive and connected story.

You can still enjoy the game and have a satisfying experience; playing the second part is optional but adds to the story.

Each part takes 60 minutes, or you can play both for a continuous 90-minute experience.

The less experience your team has, the bigger your team should be in order to be successful! The Return games are all very challenging. A less experienced team might want to try our other fun game “Hotel Secrets”.

The individual parts have a 2-player minimum, while the full 2-in-1 experience requires at least 3 players. The game is best enjoyed with a larger team.

The Return involves retrieving a sacred artifact and performing a tribal ceremony, with intriguing puzzles and immersive settings.

Yes, The Return is great for team building, parties, and special events; contact us for details.

Our game guides are available to assist you with hints and support if needed, ensuring a fun experience.

You can book The Return: Ocean Heist (Part 1) – HERE.

You can book The Return: Tribal Rites (Part 2) – HERE.

You can book The Return: Tides and Tribes (Part 1&2) – HERE.

If at the end of the hour you haven’t escaped – you’ll be eggsecuted! Just kidding!  One of our awesome Game Guides will come in and walk you through the last puzzle you were working on.  After that you’ll return to the lobby for a team picture! 

While we do accept walk-ins, reservations are higly encouraged.  During the weekends we’re usually fully booked and we’re unable to accommodate walk-ins.  However, weekday evenings aren’t usually as busy. Call us at (888) 896-0022 if you’re thinking about walking-in and we’ll let you know if we can fit you in!

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