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The Return Ocean Heist

Discover our four engaging games, each designed to offer a range of lengths and difficulty levels.

Custom Team Building Escape Room

We’ll happily customize your team-building session for the perfect length and impact you desire.

Team Building Group at Exit Lab Houston

Our escape rooms can fit 32 players, with options to scale for larger teams through multiple rounds.

“We brought our teens and staff for a head-to-head escape room challenge at Exit Lab. Amazing bonding and fun—everyone’s still laughing about it!”



75 mins.
  • Choose 1 escape game per person
  • For teams of 4-32 people
  • Exclusive use of our entire facility


2 hours
  • 1 escape game per person
  • For teams of 4-32 people
  • Pre-game team cohesion workshop


4 hours
  • 2 escape games per person
  • For teams of 4-32 people
  • Pre-game team cohesion workshop
  • Post-game learning debrief

total takeover

up to 4 hours
  • Choose 1 escape game per person
  • For teams of 30+ people
  • Exclusive use of our entire facility
  • Custom add-ons available

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Most frequent questions and answers

Our escape rooms can host 32 players in a single round, 64 players in two rounds, and up to 96 players in three rounds. For larger team options, please contact us to discuss custom arrangements.

Our sessions offer flexibility to meet your team’s unique needs. While the minimum duration is approximately 75 minutes, we can extend the experience up to 4 hours with our specialized C.L.U.E.S. team cohesion workshop. Tailored options are available to suit varying team sizes and time constraints.

Absolutely! For teams participating in our C.L.U.E.S. workshop, we offer an add-on Lab Kit that includes a pre-arrival activity. This is designed to help your team get into the right mindset for the escape room experience.

We offer a wide range of customization options to fit your team’s needs. You can choose the number of games each individual will play, decide whether to include our C.L.U.E.S. workshop (available in both short and long versions), and opt for add-ons like pre-game activities or post-game assessments. Additionally, you have the choice to share the facility with existing customers or rent it for a private experience.

The booking process varies based on your needs. If you’re interested in an escape room-only package for 32 participants or fewer, you can book directly through our online booking page. For larger groups or for custom experiences that include add-ons like our C.L.U.E.S. workshop, pre-game activities, or post-game assessments, please fill out our inquiry form or email us for a custom quote.

Absolutely, we love making team-building affordable and accessible! We offer special pricing for large groups and corporate clients. To get a custom quote tailored to your needs, please fill out our inquiry form above or email us. Plus, the earlier you book, the more you save—so planning ahead has its perks!

We offer flat rate quotes for our team-building sessions, giving you the flexibility to add a player or two without any extra cost. This way, you can easily accommodate last-minute additions to your team. Please note that the flat rate remains the same even if the number of players decreases, ensuring you get the best value for your experience.

playtest The return

Teambuilding with Exit lab