🛎️ Hotel Secrets 🛏️
a houston escape room experience

Quick Details

Uncover Secrets and Escape the Collapsing Hotel

You’re stuck in a hotel that might have some secrets, and there’s an earthquake shaking the city to its very foundations. Can you and your team uncover the secrets of the hotel and escape before it collapses? This is one of our most popular rooms, and it’s a great challenge for teams of all skill levels.

Difficulty: EASY

This is one our most popular rooms. It's not too easy and it's not too hard. A good challenge for all skill levels.

Time Limit: 60 minutes

You're team will only have 1 hour for this adventure. Will it be enough time?

Players: 2-8

This room can fit a big team, but can still be escaped by a couple with experience.

Private game

Experience our escape rooms in a private, exclusive setting at no extra cost. Play safely with just your own group and enjoy the ultimate escape room adventure.

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